Another Facebook idiocy

Latest on the Facebook front. They have practically banned a friend of mine for posting weather/climate information, another for song lyrics (from the 60’s) and me for ‘off with his head’ but in the last few weeks, perfectly allowable, have been commercials for dildos, personal vibrators and other sex toys. Complete with animation. (Not that kind of animation but showing what they do in a bowl of water)

Too much even for me. Bitched about it loud and clear.

Yes, it really happened

I got a nastygram from Facebook saying a comment I posted was removed for “inciting violence” and if it happened again, I’d get banned.

The post? “Off with his head”…Alice in Wonderland quote (almost). Ok, I admit this could have looked like it except for the graphic that was asking for a caption. Sort of like this:

Except the head was definitely someone else (who was male) and not near as nice as this, sitting on a half-sheet cake. And it actually looked like the head might not really be cake itself. So the most obvious comment was “Off with his head”. I mean, really, do you want the next pictures, of something that was meant to be a tribute, to be those slicing into the head?

And if the head was styrofoam or other non-cake material, it would have to be removed anyway in order to cut the cake.

So FB clutched its pearls, had the vapors and reprimanded me in no uncertain terms.

For about 15 minutes, after which I got an apology and an “oh, we mis-understood, your comment has been returned”. You have to wonder about the discussion that turned that around.

“You morons did what? It’s a fucking CAKE and how do you eat a cake without cutting it? Not to mention that you didn’t recognize a quote from one of the most famous kid’s books in existence. A CAKE”

Or, at least I hope it went that way.