Comments have been removed and no more will be permitted. I’m really tired of all the spam and having to take out the trash 3 or 4 times a day.

Will be redoing the site…eventually.

If you find your comments don’t show

The main reason might very well be that I don’t speak, read or write Russian, which is the language the majority of comments com in lately.

Yes, that means I’m a typical American from the United States. No I don’t get mad that you do that, I don’t think other languages shouldn’t be allowed to exist, all the things that our brain dead nationalists would have you believe we do.

Im angry that at the time I was in school in this country, you couldn’t take another language until you were 14 or 15 and then only one year of French. Unless you were male on an academic track and were required to take Latin starting at 12 or 13. No girls allowed. Maybe other schools in bigger places were better but ours was a small school in a small town and that’s the way they did things then…more than 60 years ago.

So, if you want to leave a comment and aren’t just trolling (which I suspect most of those comments are anyway) it’ll need to be in ENGLISH if you want any kind of reply.

Well, dear attempted hacker

Thought it would be fun to mess with a small, nothing site like this? All you managed to do was make it harder for people with similar interests NOT to be able to set an account, and even more security on the information for people who are already part . Your account(s) have been deleted, your password will no longer work.  Just because I don’t mind you saying the Carlin 7, doesn’t mean I’m not going to put up with fucking around with my site. I pay for it, I can be a bitch about it.

For those who are seriously interested, email me at our contact page and I’ll let you know. An actual name will help immensely.

Long Time No Post

Sorry about that. Things have been, strange. At best.

No new knitting commissions so my husband actually asked me for a new sweater. He’s a big person so this is going to take some time. Maybe he’ll get to wear it next year.

Would you believe? I actually had to BUY more yarn. Don’t have enough spun in worsted weight for this pattern. Possibility of doing enough?  Several lines of laughing emojis wouldn’t even come close to expressing the reality.

So, this is just a note to let you know that I’m still alive, the site is still here. Jump in any time and add your own.

Another Facebook idiocy

Latest on the Facebook front. They have practically banned a friend of mine for posting weather/climate information, another for song lyrics (from the 60’s) and me for ‘off with his head’ but in the last few weeks, perfectly allowable, have been commercials for dildos, personal vibrators and other sex toys. Complete with animation. (Not that kind of animation but showing what they do in a bowl of water)

Too much even for me. Bitched about it loud and clear.

There goes one.

Today I had to give up what I had thought was a good friend. Didn’t want to do it but it wasn’t the first time this one had disregarded plainly set boundaries. But it was the worst. Trampled on every one I had set, pushed me to the point of where I know trying to salvage anything, or even still calling it a friendship was impossible.

The killing point was statement that I could be ‘charmed’ into anything. I’m not that naive, or dumb, or YOUNG enough for that to be true. I’m 76, for cripe’s sake, something known from the very first…when I was a few years younger.

I’m sad. But I’m more angry with myself for not doing this sooner. I’d seen indications and let them go. Damn. Thought I was smarter than that. Thought I could trust what I considered a friend. Hate it that I was wrong.

And one more new thing

Some of my favorite places. Yes, I’m weird. Yes, I like a lot of different things in a lot of different areas. No, I don’t play chess, but I love these sites

Forward Chess App


You know how heavy I’m into fiber arts. Some of you are, too. I don’t know if you’ve tried spinning yet but you might be put back by the costs, want certain tools but can’t justify them.

Ok, here’s the warning. I’m an affiliate of Dreaming Robots. They make some small affordable electric wheels. I have 2 and a third one coming, along with their yarn counter…which is amazing. So yes, if you decide to buy through the affiliate link from this page, I will be paid.

If you aren’t fond of that kind of arrangements, it’s ok. But please go to their website anyway, check out their products, their prices and let me tell you, the service is even better than those. From here:  Dreaming Robots.