If you find your comments don’t show

The main reason might very well be that I don’t speak, read or write Russian, which is the language the majority of comments com in lately.

Yes, that means I’m a typical American from the United States. No I don’t get mad that you do that, I don’t think other languages shouldn’t be allowed to exist, all the things that our brain dead nationalists would have you believe we do.

Im angry that at the time I was in school in this country, you couldn’t take another language until you were 14 or 15 and then only one year of French. Unless you were male on an academic track and were required to take Latin starting at 12 or 13. No girls allowed. Maybe other schools in bigger places were better but ours was a small school in a small town and that’s the way they did things then…more than 60 years ago.

So, if you want to leave a comment and aren’t just trolling (which I suspect most of those comments are anyway) it’ll need to be in ENGLISH if you want any kind of reply.

Long Time No Post

Sorry about that. Things have been, strange. At best.

No new knitting commissions so my husband actually asked me for a new sweater. He’s a big person so this is going to take some time. Maybe he’ll get to wear it next year.

Would you believe? I actually had to BUY more yarn. Don’t have enough spun in worsted weight for this pattern. Possibility of doing enough? ┬áSeveral lines of laughing emojis wouldn’t even come close to expressing the reality.

So, this is just a note to let you know that I’m still alive, the site is still here. Jump in any time and add your own.


Ok, found the problem that was keeping the functions I need to use from working. For some reason, the forms platform decided to go tits up and block me from editing, adding, fixing, etc, etc,etc.

So…new form generator. Those things are working again. At the cost of anyone wanting to use the ‘contact us’ page having to identify all kinds of silly pictures for the ReCAPTCHA to make sure bad spam isn’t getting through.

Those of you who are already here and registered, have my home email so, if it’s important or something you don’t feel comfortable being public about, use that please.

A few changes


The comment section is going to be testing some new options. I want your honest (really I do) opinion on them. If they work, they stay. If they don’t, my bit bucket isn’t quite full. Also any recommendations you’d like to make. I can’t promise they’ll happen but I’ll see what I can do.

I can’t test from here so I’d appreciate you looking for me.

From my tablet this looks BAAAAAAD. If you don’t see a graphic, it’s because I removed it and hopefully I’ll find a way to make the  tablet experience a little less shitty.

It is Risen

The original “who we are” post was taken mostly from this Mystical Bestiary, with a lot of adds, asides and interjections from me. I’ll not try to replicate all those but will just give you the basic premise and a link to the original which, by the way, doesn’t stop with harpies but where you can find your favorite mythological entity. (additions in RED are comments from me)


Harpies, contrary to popular belief, are not a single-gender species. There aren’t only female harpies, but there are harpies of the male gender as well. Harpies look basically like human/bird hybrids, with a human face, feathers for hair, bird-like eyes, bird talon-like hands (while still shaped like a human hand), bird talons for feet, feathers on most of their bodies, bird tails sprouting from their lower backs, and bird wings sprouting from their shoulderblades. Their feathers, eyes, and talon skin differ in color between individuals.

Harpies tend to be wary of strangers wandering into their territories, but if one wishes to make friends with them, set out a picnic and/or buffet to satisfy their hunger, or give them a new recipe so that they can make it themselves. They are very friendly once one gets to know them, and love food and cooking. Just don’t ask to compare recipes unless you want your ear talked off. Like most other races, harpies mate for life, and the female usually lays one egg at a time, though multiple births are not uncommon. Babies usually hatch after about 9 months, but are still about as helpless as newborn humans. The offspring will usually stay with their parents until they are old enough to leave the nest. (for ‘parents’, read DAD, mom is the bread-stealer)


Flight: Harpies, due to their wings, are able to fly through the air.

Enhanced agility: Harpies are able to go from one movement to another effortlessly, allowing them to effectively dodge attacks, swing from things, do backflips, and numerous other athletic, gymnastic, and martial implements with little to no effort. (they are not, however, eligible for the Olympic Games. Isn’t that ironic?)

Enhanced balance: Harpies have an extremely well-developed sense of balance, the positioning of limbs in space, center of balance, and the physical condition to use these facts.

Enhanced lung capacity: Harpies have tremendous lung capacity and are able to use oxygen much more efficiently than others while staying active.

Enhanced reflexes: Harpies have a drastically enhanced reaction speed, allowing them to dodge magical attacks, catch falling objects, and react instantaneously to what would take others more time to react.

Aerial adaptation: Harpies are adapted to living in high altitudes, allowing them to use the oxygen more efficiently, combat wind friction, and immunity to vertigo and fear of heights.

Contaminant immunity: Harpies are able to neutralize all existing detrimental contaminants in their bodies.

Sonic scream: Harpies are able to emit highly enhanced destructive and deafening screams of high amplitude. (Not to be confused with the current “Karen” scream)

Air manipulation: Harpies are able to shape and manipulate air.

Avian communication: Harpies, just like merfolk with aquatic creatures, are able to communicate telepathically with birds.

For this, and more, see the Mystical Bestiary

Hello Again!

Here we go again. MCS to the max and my head is getting lumpy from beating it on the desk.

So, please forgive the mess and understand if I throw a few (or more) words you might not want your kids to see.

We lost a lot of stuff I worked pretty hard on and I hadn’t kept copies so this is going to be a brand new start.