There goes one.

Today I had to give up what I had thought was a good friend. Didn’t want to do it but it wasn’t the first time this one had disregarded plainly set boundaries. But it was the worst. Trampled on every one I had set, pushed me to the point of where I know trying to salvage anything, or even still calling it a friendship was impossible.

The killing point was statement that I could be ‘charmed’ into anything. I’m not that naive, or dumb, or YOUNG enough for that to be true. I’m 76, for cripe’s sake, something known from the very first…when I was a few years younger.

I’m sad. But I’m more angry with myself for not doing this sooner. I’d seen indications and let them go. Damn. Thought I was smarter than that. Thought I could trust what I considered a friend. Hate it that I was wrong.