And So it Goes

The town where I was born and raised is dying. It’s changed, some for the better, a lot for the worse but I hate to see the things that say it won’t be around for a lot longer. It may even be gone before I am.

It no longer has a grocery store. Down to a single convenience store but no full service grocery. It’s become a food desert. And I have a hard time wrapping my head around that.

Growing up we had at least 3 groceries. One full service, 2 niche and then local produce and meats. A&P, Golden Dawn, Schoeffel’s. A&P left, Kroger’s built a whole new supermarket building but that didn’t last. The building is now the city hall and historical society.

Golden Dawn shut down with the death of the owner. Schoeffel’s last until Covid. Then the last; locally owned and operated. Now the last is gone.

I hear that a food co-op has been established but they are never full service and usually only operate a couple days a week.

The school I attended has closed. New one has been built quite some way out of town. They’re still talking about what to do with the buildings; overflow classrooms maybe but nobody has any real ideas.

I guess I should have expected it when properties started being bought up by the local funeral home owners. Just a sign of things to come.