If you find your comments don’t show

The main reason might very well be that I don’t speak, read or write Russian, which is the language the majority of comments com in lately.

Yes, that means I’m a typical American from the United States. No I don’t get mad that you do that, I don’t think other languages shouldn’t be allowed to exist, all the things that our brain dead nationalists would have you believe we do.

Im angry that at the time I was in school in this country, you couldn’t take another language until you were 14 or 15 and then only one year of French. Unless you were male on an academic track and were required to take Latin starting at 12 or 13. No girls allowed. Maybe other schools in bigger places were better but ours was a small school in a small town and that’s the way they did things then…more than 60 years ago.

So, if you want to leave a comment and aren’t just trolling (which I suspect most of those comments are anyway) it’ll need to be in ENGLISH if you want any kind of reply.