Another Facebook idiocy

Latest on the Facebook front. They have practically banned a friend of mine for posting weather/climate information, another for song lyrics (from the 60’s) and me for ‘off with his head’ but in the last few weeks, perfectly allowable, have been commercials for dildos, personal vibrators and other sex toys. Complete with animation. (Not that kind of animation but showing what they do in a bowl of water)

Too much even for me. Bitched about it loud and clear.

There goes one.

Today I had to give up what I had thought was a good friend. Didn’t want to do it but it wasn’t the first time this one had disregarded plainly set boundaries. But it was the worst. Trampled on every one I had set, pushed me to the point of where I know trying to salvage anything, or even still calling it a friendship was impossible.

The killing point was statement that I could be ‘charmed’ into anything. I’m not that naive, or dumb, or YOUNG enough for that to be true. I’m 76, for cripe’s sake, something known from the very first…when I was a few years younger.

I’m sad. But I’m more angry with myself for not doing this sooner. I’d seen indications and let them go. Damn. Thought I was smarter than that. Thought I could trust what I considered a friend. Hate it that I was wrong.